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Counseling and Coaching

A support group, or social support group, is a group of people who are led by a professional and come together with a goal of overcoming or coping with a shared problem. With the leadership of the professional, they share help, comfort, encouragement, advice, and guidance to face their challenges together.-

Image by Chris Montgomery

Virtual Mindful Dating Support Group (for women)

This group is facilitated throughout the year. We meet on Tuesdays at 7pm EST. This is a 6-week support group around mindful dating topics. The group will include meditation, wrting prompts, peer-support, and a deep dive talk around the topic. Each week, I will provide skills practice in relation to the following week topic. After that registration, you will have access to the zoom link. We will use this zoom link for each of the following Tuesdays. The members who register for this event will be a part of the full six-week support group. This will be a transformational experience with like-minded women helping each other on this path.


Email to be added to the waitlist.

Resource for the group

Women Dating Mindfully Facebook Group


"Thanks Amber. Very grateful for you and the group today! The group, you and the process has helped me end things/draw some hard boundaries with the avoidant man I’ve been seeing for a year. Very grateful because I wasn't being true to myself." - S.T. 

" Amber provided a space for us as a group to explore our dating journey. I was able to ask myself the questions that I had been searching for and at this stage in my life I was able to answer most of them. This group gave me the chance to give myself grace for choices I have made in the past and to look forward to my dating future." S. R. 

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