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Life Coaching Services

Amber Lavin is a certified life coach (CLC) based out of Asheville, NC. She is passionate about helping neurodivergent individuals life joyful lives.


Amber accepts in-person clients in the Asheville area, or online life coaching clients anywhere in the world.

Amber's passion is to help you waken to your true potential.


Amber welcomes clients looking for effective strategies and tools to consistently achieve their goals, effectively resolve obstacles, create meaningful relationships, and develop a deep inner trust.


Learn more about life coaching in Asheville, NC, and online life coaching across the US.

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Connection to others is what brings vibrancy to our lives.


Unfortunately, we are not always shown how to give and receive love, especially if we have had traumatic relationships in the past.


Amber helps individuals untangle old stories that have held them back from fully connecting with others.

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Counseling & Coaching


263 Haywood St #105, Asheville, NC 28801

Amber Lavin

Certified Life Coach (CLC)



What Makes Life Coaching Different from Counseling?

Life Coaching

  • Also called "Wellness Coaching" or simply "Coaching"

  • The best life coaches receive the gold standard life coaching certification from the ICF

  • Life coaches cannot diagnose mental health disorders

  • Life coaches cannot take insurance

  • Life coaches can practice anywhere in the world, especially through online life coaching.


  • Also called "therapy"

  • Counseling requires a Master's degree and state license to practice

  • Counselors/Therapists can diagnose mental health disorders

  • Counselors often take insurance

  • Counselors can only practice in states where they are licensed, even when practicing online therapy.

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